From the early stages of Ayakha Ntunja’s life, a deep affinity for the performing arts emerged, setting the stage for an inspiring journey through theatre and film. Rooted in her years at the National School of the Arts from 2019 to 2021, Ayakha swiftly ascended with notable achievements, including the FEDA Acting Award in 2019 and the prestigious Best Performer Full Colors award the following year. Her versatility shone in 2020 as she claimed titles in Best Choreographer and Best Dancer, and she extended her impact by taking on the role of Programs Director at the Unspoken Words Theatre Factory, showcasing both leadership and performance prowess.

Balancing the demands of academia and the arts, Ayakha maintained an impressive Bachelor school pass average, emphasizing her commitment to excellence. Seamlessly transitioning from stage to screen, Ayakha graced the Showmax production “Pearls of Wisdom” in 2021, bringing her unique energy to the character Dudu under Eccentric Circus Productions. Her presence in the film industry continued with roles in “NTASH” (2021) on Showmax and appearances on Mzansi Magic in productions such as “Ubizo Lakhe” (2022) and “Ke Bona Spoko” (2022), both produced by Leburugraphy.

In 2022, Ayakha shone as Thembi in BET Africa’s MTV Shuga Downsouth, showcasing versatile talent and solidifying her rising status in television. Ayakha, an artistic beacon, anticipates Eccentric Circus’ “Mimo wa Lerato,” with audiences eagerly awaiting her captivating performances on stage and screen.