Melvin Alusa is a seasoned professional actor in stage, screen, and voice acting, amassing over 16 years of experience with a repertoire that extends from local to international stages across more than 10 countries. His theatrical performances have showcased remarkable diversity, spanning from straight plays and theater musicals to dramatized poetry. Notable works in these genres include “Githaa” by The Theatre Company, “Silence is a Woman” by renowned playwright Sitawa Namwalie, and “Alpha Beta,” a two-hander play, among others.

In the realm of film, Melvin has left his mark with appearances in various international movies, including “The First Grader,” where he shared the screen with Hollywood star Naomi Harris, the Netflix sensation “The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind,” and more recently, the highly acclaimed “Crime and Justice,” currently airing on Showmax, as well as “Salem”. Melvin was the final contestant to represent Kenya in the Big Brother Africa Contest, held in South Africa in 2014.

Additionally, his contributions as a voice actor and director in the radio drama “Jongo Love” earned him an Emmy nomination at the Cannes Film Festival in 2013. Notably, in 2022, Melvin earned a Best Lead Actor nomination at The 12th edition of the Kalasha Film & TV Awards.

Nominee - Best Lead Actor at The 12th edition of the Kalasha Film & TV Awards 2022