Shamilla Miller is a South African actress from Cape Town who has made a name for herself in multiple film and television productions. Shamilla started her acting career in 2017, landing a role in the critically acclaimed South African series, ‘Z’bondiwe’ where she played the head of a security detail named Hilda. Shamilla also performed all of her own stunts in the fighting scenes. Later that year she played the role of Athena in the BBC 8 part drama series ‘Troy:Fall of a City and went on to play roles in the gripping tale Nommer 37 and other local South Africa productions. 

Shamilla landed a featured role in South Africa’s second Netflix original series ‘Blood and Water’. The show achieved the #1 Netflix ranking in over 20 countries including the US, France, Kenya and South Africa. Shamilla has also starred in the Netflix thriller ‘Dead Places’ where she plays the lovable and high spirited internet influencer Kelly Peterson who alongside her co-stars, helps people with their paranormal problems. Recently, Shamilla was in the South African film ‘The Umbrella Men’ which is currently streaming on EVOD and was screened at The Toronto International Film Festival 2022.

BEST ACTRESS: Mzansi Short Film Festival. ('Nommer 37' as Pam)

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